10 Ways we Make 'Home'?

We all need a home, a sanctuary, a safe place to be our true selves. A home conjures up different meanings to each of us, but ultimately it is a place where we feel we belong.

In our transient lifestyle, we can find the need to recreate home in new towns and countries. Due to changes in lifestyle and personal circumstances we might also need to more clearly define what makes a place a home, for us.

10 ways to make a home:

  1. Privacy – a place or time to be completely, privately, alone. In this private space you can be completely yourself, without judgement
  2. Silence – we all need a place where there is silence and stillness. It may not be completely silent and still, but comparatively so from our outside life. It’s a place to kick your shoes off, relax into the sofa and breathe out, “Ahhhh!”
  3. Thinking space – We all need a place where we can think about things. No matter where at home it is, it must be comfortable enough to have your immediate needs met, and to then be able to turn your thoughts to where you need to give attention.
  4. Creative space – When you are hit with a moment of inspiration, (which often follows silence and thinking), you must be able to express or capture those creative ideas. We all need spaces to be creative.
  5. Nurture – Home is also a place where we can become well when we are sick. Whether it is our bodies or emotions, we need safety, warmth, good food and comfort to help us get whole again.
  6. Sustenance – Home is a place to feed the body. Often the first thing a person does when they arrive home, is to look in the fridge or the pantry.
  7. Community – Every experience can be enhanced by sharing it with others. It’s a place where your children and close family may also call home. Having family and friends visit your home will add to your enjoyment.
  8. Rituals – Home is a place where we celebrate birthdays and holidays. It’s a place that has its own unique way of being, jokes, games, places to cry on someone’s shoulder.
  9. Support – Home is a place that supports all aspects of your life. It houses the books that you treasure. It keeps your beautiful clothes for those special occasions, stores your memories and houses your fun equipment for skiing, camping or golf. We hear we have too much stuff, but all life activities need equipment. It just needs to be stored well.
  10. Love – Home can be created in any place. When we read stories of early settlers, we find that even a tent could become their home. Home is a place that houses the conditions of love. To give and receive to each other, and a place where we love to be.
Try to look around your home with fresh eyes to see how you can make your home more of how you would like it to be. Start at your front door. What do you see first?

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