Wearing high heels is elegant

The Elegance of Heels

When I first had the  Golden Mean explained to me, I realized why some houses felt homely and friendly. Using the right ratios for height and width, an uninteresting building design can be made beautiful. History tells us this mathematical formula was used as far back as 490 BC. More recently plastic surgeons are using the formula to make sure that the facial reconstruction work they do, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A face that is aligned to the Golden Mean ratios is an attractive face. Who would have known beauty and maths are friends.

To me the Golden Mean illustrates something that I innately know and feel. Beauty in people, architecture or nature sometimes feels very special, even without understanding mathematics.

7 Reasons why a woman wearing heels appears elegant

A woman wearing heels appears more elegant. I don’t know the science, but I’m sure some of the reasons she appears elegant are these:

1. She has to walk more slowly. In fact, I would go a little further and say, that when wearing high heels, its better to walk slower. If you watch a woman walking fast in heels, she looks inelegant. Often she’s bent over at an odd angle while her legs are appearing more straight than usual. It looks awkward. 

2. High heels add height and lessen heaviness. The extra height is flattering to our proportions and can make the width and height balance look more in proportion, even more slender. Heels change our posture allowing us to put back our shoulders which looks sexier.

3. High heels lengthen our leg line. We don’t all have the advantage of height like a supermodel and an extra few inches to the bottom of our legs, make them look more graceful. Long, lean legs look very sexy, as you will note from the swimwear line-up at a beauty pageant. They wear heels for a reason.

4. Heeled shoes look beautiful. The current trend to wear flats has made it easier to find some that look nice, however, it is usually the high heels that hold the limelight in design. 

5. Heels flatter our feet. When I put on heels, my feet look smaller and more elegant despite their challenges. My feet have low arches and when in the wrong shoes can look very unimpressive. Most of us have something about our feet that we like to hide. With heels you can always choose a style that flatters, even if you have to try on many to find the perfect pair. That could be fun.

6. High heels show off your best features. Maybe you have beautiful toes with the perfect pedicure. Then show them off. Maybe your leg line looks great wearing heels with ankle straps or cutaway sides. Find your best foot feature and work it.

7. We feel better when wearing heels. Maybe it is the extra height that lifts our morale, but something happens inside. When we embrace the extra height, the upright posture and with shoulders back we go out the door, it can feel like a positive day already.

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1 thought on “Wearing high heels is elegant”

  1. I just LOVE the feeling of walking in heels. All of the above feelings just resonate with me too. Unfortunately my feet don’t love it for too long, but I can always dream….

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