Living with thoughtfulness and reflection

  • Take time to write

  • Clarify your thoughts

  • Keep what is good

I keep a notebook in my handbag. When I stop to have a coffee early in the morning before work, I pull out my notebook and write down what’s on my mind. I write my goals and make lists. Sometimes it is to remind myself of things I need to do during the day, or sometime in the future. It reminds what is important. It stops the murmur in the background.

Some days I read over the pages I’ve written. Often I find there are thoughts that have stood the test of time. Often I create new actions based on these notes.

When you put your thoughts on paper like this, it takes them off your mind. You will feel less harried and more relaxed. It will seem that life is more under control and you will have mental clarity.

Rushing about and being anxious doesn’t fit with being elegant or gracious. Having poise and purpose will give you elegance.

Many times, I have written about the same topic, coming from different angles. This can be a good way to clarify your thinking.  Some things take more time and words to figure out.

James Altucher writes about having Idea Sex. This is where the various ideas that you have written start to merge or form patterns and from that, new ideas are formed. The notebook is like a place to write out what you are thinking and it can give your brain time to make sense of it all in a new way.

My favorite notebooks are light, thin and around an A5 size. A beautiful notebook can inspire you to write good thoughts and memories.

A notebook must have a nice feel about it, and to be appealing visually. Each time I take my notebook out, it feels like an old friend. It feels comforting and immediately puts me into a mindset to reflect and write.

I carry a variety of pens, with different colors and styles. Sometimes I receive a pen as a gift which then carries a nice memory when I use it.

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2 thoughts on “Living with thoughtfulness and reflection”

  1. I’m excited to find out all about living with elegance.
    My dream as a woman.

    I love the look and feel of this site.

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