Taking time to stop and stare

Time to stop and smell the roses

If you have always been a person to travel from A to B in the most direct line with the least amount of stops on the way, taking time to stop and stare takes a bit of practice.

One of the delights of a road trip, or a day trip, is to stop at places of interest. These places may be historical, picturesque, architectural or just quirky.  You may want to stop and enjoy a walk, to take photos or to just sit looking at the view. You may want to take out your journal and write about it so you can read and capture that same feeling again another time.

It can be fun to stop at small art shops. They usually have the work of local artists and the showroom can be a cornucopia from the region. There are often some very unique and funky pieces. Buying one can create a wonderful memento from your day and become an interesting display at home. Or you may find the perfect gift. 

Finding a unique cafe, discovering a view or quiet corner of the world that speaks to your soul, or taking a hike or walk, can be transformative. Even if you never return to this place, the memory created will be meaningful.

Make a note on a map or in your diary about the places you visit. Remember, sharing an experience with someone, either at the time or by retelling, can enhance the experience and create further happiness.

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