A new year for new thirty day challenges

Challenge Yourself for 30 Days


It is said the only thing that is certain in life is change. Sometimes we love change, sometimes we push back. Each new day, week and year will bring new changes. Some of these changes we will love. They will bring the good things in life, more love, better health, more money and more fun.

If you are wondering if there are things we can do to bring more of the good things we want, I’m happy to say, Yes. Let’s look at a few today.

  1. Set some new goals
  2. Make them simple and fun
  3. Find a time to do them each day
  4. Keep it short and simple
  5. Celebrate at the end

Thirty day challenges are about setting an easy to action, simple goal for just a month. 30 days – and for those longer months, you can take a day off!  Here are some areas to think about:

  • Health – food, drink
  • Exercise
  • Relationships – being a better listener, not interrupting
  • Maybe it is to meditate with an App like www.calm.com

Focus on a reward. To reflect on this month as being where you absolutely nailed it in the area you have chosen. 30 days isn’t so long, you can do this but you do need to create a plan to succeed as it won’t happen by default. You have to plan what you will do when you are tired, hungry and lack self-discipline. And you need a really nice reward to focus on.


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