Movie Star Theme Dress Style


Dress like a Movie Star

Real movie stars looking beautiful in movies but often quite ordinary when not made up. They like to blend with the crowd and be more obscure in every day life.

We can dress in movie star theme for the day however, and enjoy the fun of acting like a star. Choose from the list below and add some personal style of your own.

Huge hats – everyone has the usual sized sun hats, so go for something over sized

Large sunglasses – black rims, dark glasses – think Audrey Hepburn style

Long scarves – in soft flowing fabric. Can be worn in many ways including around your head softly tied under the chin and the ends thrown back, creating a soft frame around your face

Soft fabrics – fluffy jackets, silk, chiffon, taffeta, etc . Keep away from shiny satin unless you are very slim. It shows every bulge.

Well fitting clothes – If you are big, where something bigger and maybe a little outrageous. Don’t try to squeeze into a size too small. Be confident with how you look – see Attitude below

Chunky jewelry – statement pieces – worn alone or a multitude of finer pieces

Lipstick – put on makeup

Eyebrows – define your eyebrows

Hair – can be long, short, up or down – but it is styled, even if it has been styled for a messy look

Attitude – Being elegant always comes back to your attitude. Movie star theme style needs an attitude of entitlement, confidence and charm. Maybe a little coolness as well, but with a small smile that says, “Yes, of course you may have my autograph!” Work it!

This theme style is best shared with a friend who is also willing to embrace the theme for the day, but remember to keep your composure in public. Walk slowly and with confidence and enjoy.



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