How to get happy

The Pursuit of Happiness can lead us to believe that happiness is about getting something we don’t yet have. We feel it is ‘out there’ and if we work hard enough we can hope to some day find it in a place which is somewhere else, with someone else and by doing something else.


The media use this knowledge with advertising campaigns aimed to make us discontent. We start to think about what we don’t have or that our friends don’t measure up. They know that what we think about will steer us toward action. Feeling that we need more things, better things, will send us shopping eventually.

 Knowing this is how advertising works, doesn’t stop us from being influenced by it. Even if we avoid main advertisements, it gets through subtly. We compare our lives with the images we have in our minds and feel we are inadequate.

 What is that one big thing we can do today, to increase our happiness?

 Think about someone else 

Doing something for someone else will focus your thoughts on someone else’s happiness.  If you can decide upon something that will meet a need they have, it will reward you richly. You get the feel good rush of delight brought on by a self-less activity, and if you know the person or can witness the event, you may get a second dose of happiness by watching their face light up.

Just noticing how you can increase another’s happiness and taking one small action, will increase your own.

So what can you do? 

It can be a simple as dropping a small note with a happy face on it, into someone’s pocket or onto their desk. 

Or you may want to make more effort. The key is to start thinking differently…everything starts with a thought. 

What can you do to make another smile, even if it is done in secret?

Make a plan to take action within the next hour. Don’t leave it as a good intention. Make a plan and follow up. 

Then smile because you have just increased your happiness levels, makes you look younger, brings better health and makes you a nicer person to be in this world.

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