Can Games Improve Your Life?

Gamifying is a life hack,  that can be used to trick ourselves into doing things we need to do or want to do and placing it into the framework of a game. When we ‘play the game’ we get the added benefit of meeting the goal that we wanted all along.

I decided to try this to see if it would help my eating plan. I downloaded an App called Easy Diet Diary. The layout was intuitive and I was eager to start fresh the next morning.

Late morning, I had a moment to fill in the details for breakfast and the day so far, and was delighted to see the total count for the food was lower than I had thought. As we continued through the day, I remembered to update the details and watch the numbers climb. It was fun.

I followed this process for several days and noticed that I lost weight. It worked for a few reasons:

  • I noticed and entered snacks and small food items that I may have ordinarily ignored
  • At the end of the day I made better choices, knowing my maximum target had almost been reached
  • I had to give thought to exactly how much spread I was using – or other food item. Calculating the portion size was confronting.
  • I also noticed that my meals were usually well balanced and within the right portion size. However it was the little treats, drinks and extras that calculated quickly to be worth more points than a meal.

Adding this ‘game’ to my life has been beneficial. It is an easy way to track what I have eaten and inspires me to do better.

There are Apps and games for everything it seems. Whatever your challenge in life may be, gamifying may be an added too for your bag of tricks.