Here are some dress themes to try

Equestrian dress theme style

To dress in an equestrian theme, consider fitted trousers in earthy tones, or straight leg jeans. Boots can be short or long in brown or black. A blouse or polo shirt will look best. A belt to match your boots in refined style – which is different to the cowgirl style with the big buckle.

Add a scarf or other equestrian styled finishing touches. Although you can dress in bright colors, remember to keep the color numbers down to as few as possible to ensure a simple, refined and smart look. Maybe a leather handbag with horseshoe buckle or horseshoe earrings if you have some.

Artist theme style

To dress as an artist for the day, create an image that represents freedom and personal expression to you. It may be an eclectic mix, a multi-colored garment or something plain and flowing. A huge shirt with bright jewelry or the hat you love but never find the right thing to wear it with. Today is the day. Inspire yourself.

Aim for bright colors, unstructured garments and ensure the whole outfit coordinates.

Aviator theme style

Some theme styles, like The Aviator are easier to adopt in winter than in summer. However, The Aviator look can be achieved in hot weather, with short sleeves, court shoes, aviator sunglasses and by keeping your outfit to colors like white, cream, beige, camel and tan. Think military, crisp, clean, smart and limit yourself to one or two colors if possible with tonal variations.

Ensure you have enough detail to define and distinguish the look. Aviator sunglasses are an easy style accessory. A lightweight, breezy, long scarf in the same tone tied onto your leather (or leather-look) handbag is fine if it is too hot to wear it.

Look for white or light colored tops that are fitted well, like a shirt. Pair that with good fitting or tailored trousers or a skirt. Stick to black, brown, camel, tan and khaki shades. Add a matching belt and boots if you can. If you are not as thin as you would prefer, try a high waist on your skirt or trousers. Add a few finishing touches with a matching scarf and aviator style sunglasses. Perfect for flying through your day.

Movie theme Style

Large sunhats, enormous sunglasses, long scarves and glamorous light coats can help create the movie star theme style.

Add glitz with sparkles on the dress and with earrings. Fluffy jackets suit the style as well.

It’s a fun style where you can go a little over the top. Remember you will have to strike the right attitude in order to pull it off.

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