Escaping the rat race – a dream of life on the road

How to Escape the City – A 9 Step Plan

The city can feel overwhelming. Too many people, too much noise and no clear head-space to process my own thinking. I’m confronted with the parts of a city that are beautiful – and challenging.

I long to escape to a space with nothing but a clear road ahead. An open landscape, blue sky, few people and little traffic. That’s what I long for.

Many of us share these thoughts. We picture the joy of bright sunshine and driving to a beautiful setting to spend the day. Maybe we will read, paint or go for a hike. Maybe we will stop for an impromptu picnic when we discover a picturesque spot. Maybe we will take photos and turn them into an album for the grandchildren.

When we dream of escaping to the country, we seldom see rain for days, boredom or loneliness.

For serious escapees – here are 9 points to help your plan:

  1. Where exactly will you go? Get out the map and start filling in the details.
  2. Where will you stay? Will you drive a motorhome? Stay at Airbnbs?
  3. What will you do? Think through every detail of a possible day. What do you need to take with you? Are you able to entertain yourself for hours? Days? Do you enjoy reading? Will you have access to the internet? Do you need to be connected to a power source? 
  4. When you are away from home, you may be outdoors more. What if the weather is very hot, cold or wet and stormy. Were will you spend your time inside?
  5. Company – Will you be travelling alone or with someone? Will you feel content with your own company? How will you connect with others? Or if you have a companion, will you be able to tolerate extended time together in a confined area? Do you enjoy doing the same things? 
  6. Worse case scenario – How will you handle things if your vehicle has a mechanical problem or if you become ill? Do you have a back-up option? Do you have access to help?
  7. How will you entertain guests? Will you have friends or family to visit?
  8. How can you make the most of your time? Are you interested in photography, taking videos, kayaking, hiking or botany? Do you enjoy a particular aspect of travelling to new places? Are there festivals or events you like to follow and can attend in different places?
  9. Do you have hobbies or skills that you can continue as you travel? Are you able to sell these or find a way to work? Is there a new hobby or interest that you would like to develop? Perhaps you could take up painting, writing or a new sport. Maybe you could start a new YouTube channel or write an ebook about your travels or sharing some skills or knowledge you have.

When we are at work, we dream of having time to enjoy being free. However, once we have caught up on our sleep, the days of travel can start to blend into each other. We can become restless, wonder how things are going back at work and even become a little (dare I mention it?) bored! With some forethought you can enjoy your escape time so much, you can’t wait to do it again.

Put some reality under your dreams and give them a base to grow. Turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans.



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