Carrot and Tomato Loaf recipe photos

Carrot loaf

The finished product. Keep in the fridge. Click here to see the recipe.

Steps below

Carrot loaf 2

Finely chop 1 medium onion or 2 small onions

Carrot loaf 3

Grate the carrot and add to a large mixing bowl with the chopped onion


Carrot loaf 4

Here I added a can of tomato puree which had herbs added


Carrot loaf 5

For extra flavor I added 1 sachet of mushroom soup mix. I also added 1/2 a can of water as I didn’t want the tomato to overpower the balance of taste.


Carrot loaf 6

The flour I chose this time is coconut flour. As mentioned in the recipe, you can choose from many.


Carrot loaf 7

A good sized tablespoon of coconut oil is added to the mixture


Carrot loaf 8

A loaf pan is prepared with greased paper. Alternatively you could use a shallow baking dish.


Carrot loaf 9

The mixture is spread evenly and placed into the oven. As this is in a deep loaf pan, it cooked in the oven for over an hour.

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