To create a ballet style of your own, balance a fuller skirt with a slim fitting top

Light blush pink is a neutral color that can be worn by any skin tone. That must be why all ballet dancers look gorgeous in their soft pink tutus.

To learn more about matching your wardrobe to your skin tone and look your best here is one link but there are many articles, images and videos that will help you decide.

You can also use a color consultant who will walk you through the whole process and take it to a much higher level. Some refer to the color differentiations as being Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with a full color palette to choose from and a booklet of swatches to keep in your wallet. You will also learn whether you are someone who suits patterns, the best hair color and the size of your jewellery and accessories. All valuable information for you to look your best.

Some people have made pink their signature color. One lady, a prolific authoress Barbara Cartland, took wearing pink to an extreme level which created a brand around pink, and easily identified her.

To create a ballet style of your own, remember to balance a fuller skirt with a slim fitting top. This is why a leotard looks good with a tutu. A top with no detail, no texture (not fluffy) and is perhaps in either the same shade as the skirt, or has high contrast, like black with a pink skirt, or pink with a black tulle skirt, will look best.

The kind of tulle is also important to consider. Some fabric is very stiff, scratchy and is best suited to tutus. Any kind of full skirt will add bulk to your hips so a soft netting that has more drape, and hangs from your hand, will look better than one that is stiff.

The length of the skirt can make you look ‘hippy’ or slender. Look at a longer skirt that is knee length or mid-calf preferably.  If you sew, know someone who sews or can access an alterations dressmaker, you can put the skirt on, inside out, then pin down the sides to take out all excess bulk that is on the sides. You may need to do this in steps, slimming it down progressively, cutting away the excess until you have sides that hang down nicely without sticking out and making you look like you’ve just gained 10lbs. If the skirt is in layers, take away the bulk of the underlayer side seams first before finally adjusting the top layer. This will give the best look.

Keep the overall style down to one or two colors, simple is best. Wear simple low shoes, ballet flats, a small heel, or even lace up sandshoes (not trainers), to complete the dancing outfit look.

There are many inexpensive skirts available online. Just be careful to check the sizes and go up a size if in doubt. It is better to have it altered a little to make it smaller, but it can be impossible to make it bigger.

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