Don’t Ride the Pig, James is a fun story about a young boy visiting a farm.

There, he encounters different animals and has various experiences, some good and some not so good.

James’s curiosity gets him into trouble occasionally, but all ends well.

This is a great bedtime story and opens the door to discussing being kind to animals, being careful in new environments, and life on a farm. 



Don’t Poke the Bees, James is a story of a curious boy who wants to know more about bees. In particular, he wants to understand the beehive he discovers in his backyard.

Despite being warned by his mother to keep away, James’ mischievous nature gets the better of him.

This is a great story to discuss the consequences of our choices and actions. It can also point to listening to and obeying your parents, who are trying to protect you from danger.

Don’t Poke the Bees can be used as a metaphor for life, where we can stir up trouble unnecessarily.

This book can be read at any time. It ends happily, so it is also a good bedtime story.



James knows that the tree is too high and that he is not supposed to climb it. But when his cat, Koko, climbs and won’t come down, James feels he must break the rules to save him.

The story illustrates several topics that are good for further discussion. These include asking for help, always answering when a parent calls, the consequences of one’s actions, and making decisions.

The story ends well and makes an entertaining bedtime read.



After a day at the fair, James wants to recreate the experience at home. He especially wants to do this for his cat, Koko.

Things don’t always work out well, and scaring the cat turns against him unexpectedly.

A fun story that shows how a child’s imagination can be very creative and where the boundaries lie. James learns about kindness and how playing tricks can sometimes backfire.

This story can be read at any time as it ends well.



James finds a tent in the garage and is delighted when his mother agrees to help him pitch it in the backyard, allowing him to stay overnight in the tent.

James learns about cooking over flames, the sounds and animals of the night, the stars, and respecting a fire. He also learns about bravery and his happy family.

It is a lovely adventure story that can lead to further discussion. 

This is suitable for a bedtime story or any other time.

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