Seeing the world with soft eyes

Critical or Kind Eyes

To show radical respect to people, we need to view everyone with soft eyes. That comes from a mindset of choosing to put on my soft eye viewing glasses. Like gold-tinted glasses, where we view the world with a positive golden perspective. When I see through soft eyes, I view the world with more kindness.

  • When drivers cut in, follow too closely or drive unsafely
  • When someone is under severe stress
  • When I let myself down
  • When I notice something I don’t like
  • When waiting

Radical respect calls for a mindset that thinks first, “I hope everything’s okay with that person.” It’s when we remember that everyone has their bag of bricks they are carrying, worries, hurts, health challenges and relationship problems.

Sometimes there are opportunities to interact, to share a look, a smile. It shows that you see the other person, you acknowledge their existence and you are being kind. Viewing your fellow travelers with kind eyes and radical respect allows everyone to move at their pace. Tolerance can replace pushiness.





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