Reinventing a new life

It’s hard to start over

I broke out. I moved to a new city. I had to meet new people, find new friends, find where to go and what to do. It was very stressful. But it was worth it.

Anthony Robbins talks about taking action when the pain of something is enough to cause you to change. That can be applied in many different scenarios.

When it is a new year, or a new huge challenge in your life, it can make us stop and take a fresh look at everything. Do I want to keep doing what I’ve been doing? Is it working? Do I want to live like this for the next 30 or 40 years, living in an aging Groundhog Day as in the movie? Sometimes it is a health crises, or a change in family circumstances – there are many reasons that make us stop.

It’s hard to change, and difficult to make many changes at one time. Unless you are a change expert, like a spy and you are given an entire new identity, most of us find it difficult to make radical changes.

When you need to change, when you really, really have to change, these ideas may help you.

  1. What DO you want? When people want to better their driving skills, they learn about skids and skid control. They are taught to put their vehicle into a slide and steer the car safely between road cones. The gap between the cones is large enough to do this but most drivers will hit a road cone. They are then told to focus on the gap and not the road cones. Look at where you want to go and the car will follow. Surprisingly, when they look at the gap, the car slides effortlessly through and misses the cones. This works with us as well. By focusing on what works well rather than seeing all the problems, you add more of what is good in your life which will often lessen the problem areas.
  2. Health – What is good about your health? What will make you feel better? Most of us know this.
  3. Emotional Health – What are the things that make you happy and laugh out loud? What things make you lose track of time? What do you really love to do and would like to do more often, if only you had the time? Can you plan to do one of these things every week? “The solution [to burnout] is actually quite simple: do what you love and is important to you, regularly.” Kent Nguyen
  4. Work and Wealth – Do you need a safe spending plan? Can you take your skills to a higher level, to be more valuable? We get lazy and then take the easy, and more expensive option.
  5. Self Control – We all battle with self-control. When we are tired, hungry and thirsty, we have much less self-control. Plan your time and support yourself before the challenge arises. If we leave it up to chance, we will probably take the path of least resistance.


Reinvention is possible. So is re-reinvention. It never ends. We keep making new choices and stepping into a new future. How we live today will influence how we live tomorrow. The effort used today to make small changes, will make it a little easier tomorrow. This is how we start living a new life.

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