A month of radical respect

A Focus on Respect

Most of us are taught to treat others with respect. It’s a code we grow up with, a compass that points us to true North.

Like most personal values and virtues, sometimes it helps to really focus on something in order to lift our game.

Respect versus Me First

We watch people on TV and in movies, pushing themselves forward with a “Me First” attitude. We can subconsciously take on some of this attitude.

·       Needing to be at the front of the queue

·       Always wanting the best seats

·       Having food envy when looking at a meal someone else has ordered

·       Finishing someone’s sentence when they are speaking too slowly

·       Over-speaking when someone is talking

·       Not listening properly while waiting to tell my story

·       Going first when the door opens – every time

·       Stepping in front of someone who is waiting

Practicing Radical Respect is to focus on others and their needs, rather than just own own. Caring about others will make us happier.


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