Make your life 10% better

How to make your life 10% better

There is a trick you can do with your finances to cut costs by 10%. It can sound like a dream but just hold on.

First, you make a list of your expenses, and then find a way to save 1% or .5% on 10 or 20 items. You may need to renegotiate with your telephone company, power supply company, cleaning, security etc, but most companies are eager to keep you as a client and will happily make a small concession. One by one, those small concessions add up. Or you can change companies and switch to a supplier who will provide the same (or better) services, with a slightly reduced cost. You may think the small saving isn’t worth the effort, but we are looking for the compound effect. 

By making an effort to save 1% on 10 items, you have now made a 10% saving.

To make your life 10% better, we need to flip the concept and look at 10 important aspects of your daily life, and find a way to make each at least 1% better. Compounding those 1%’s they will soon be 10% and even greater. You could make it a challenge to yourself to see what improvement % you could reach.

  • Let’s take sleep as an example. Most of us know we could be getting a better sleep – but what do we do about it? What could we do about it? If we wanted to improve our sleep, but just a little, we could make a point of turning off our devices earlier. The blue light affects our brains which in turn stops our brain from producing melatonin which makes us tired and sleepy, and allows us to go to bed and switch off.
  • Another way we could improve our sleep is to keep the room a little cooler. We sleep better when it is cool. We also sleep better when the room is very dark. Can you make your room darker? There are many ways to hack your sleep to make it at least 1% better, which in turn will help you to feel 1% better when you wake up.

If you apply this method to the major aspects of your life you will gain at least 10% and maybe much more. We can become used to the status quo and stop noticing what isn’t working well.

By applying some thought to these little routines in our lives: 

  • we could make our health better,
  • our relationships better and
  • we can improve our fitness,
  • finances,
  • friendships and most importantly,
  • let’s increase the percentage that we have fun in our lives. Perhaps we could lift the way we experience our fun by 5%.

When you get stuck, look online for some ideas around each area. You can take this one out of the ball park. Have fun making your life 10% better or more!


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  1. I like the idea of improving each thing just a little, for a result that adds up to a significant improvement in our lives.

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