Living with elegance in an age of being casual

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple” – Natalie Babbit

What is your personal standard? Our own personal standard can be created and kept.  It starts with making that personal standard in the first place. It can be updated from time to time. Although we wear different clothes for different occasions, our personal standard will work well whether we are going for a job interview, shopping at the supermarket or visiting a tropical island. It is our own standard of elegance.

  • Having a wardrobe with pieces that have been thoughtfully chosen is a good start. Clothes that resist creases and coordinate with others in your wardrobe will help what you have already, to go further. It will create more versatility. Just because we fall in love with a fashionable piece, doesn’t mean we should buy it. How many times do we look at something we have purchased a few months later and wonder what were we thinking at the time?
  • Another great asset to your whole future, is to have a body style assessment. If you are unable to find a consultant locally, you can probably find books in your library that cover the topic. With simple measurements, you can assess your body shape type, and what lines of clothing will look best. Test it out and see if that’s correct. Ask a couple of friends for their opinion between this or that to finish your assessment.
  • The next is to have your colors assessed. Color Me Beautiful is one such business. You will be defined in one of the four seasons and then with even more definition within that range. Once again you can find books on this topic that will give you the information for much less than the cost of hiring the services of a consultant. However, having a consultation can be a fun thing to do and she will give you a specific color chart to guide your future purchases – and to help you when going through your wardrobe as you decide what to keep. It can save you expensive mistakes in the future.

Living with elegance and style can be accomplished all the time given some thought.

Even for important events many people dress casual when they could make more effort. Like going to church. Regardless of what everyone else is doing, have your own standard and look elegant appropriately, for all the things you do.

Just take more effort to put yourself together before you walk out the door. Notice the extra touches that finish off the look to be fully coordinated. The items of jewelry, handbag, shoes, scarf, gloves, hat, sunglasses, coat and makeup that can work together.

Being sloppy or even worse, wearing pajamas to go to the store, is disrespectful to yourself and others. No-one wants to see what you wear to bed, or to see you looking disheveled.

Dare to strike your own benchmark. Be known as a lady at all times, regardless of the location and event. Dressing well and appropriately is an elegant way to live.

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2 thoughts on “Living with elegance in an age of being casual”

  1. I like your comment re pajamas. I see this often and wonder why would you do that? what is going on in that persons life for them to even think this is OK? disrespectful of yourself is a good way of putting that. I may not be elegant but pajamas outside the house is never a good look. Thanks.

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