Work lunches can be elegant

Eating well at work, in a way that will truly satisfy, requires a little forethought and preparation. Once you get into the routine of doing this a few days a week, you will find yourself looking forward to lunch – all day long.

 1. Use a placemat, get creative and find something you love. It may be a cloth napkin, a paper serviette or anything that inspires you

 2. Place your food on a plate, something that is different to the usual corporate environment. It might be arty, elegant or rustic. Make it yours.

 3. Eat fresh and clean. Think about it in advance so you can plan for a few days.

 4. Make your lunch colorful. Even if you are eating at work to refuel, you can add color to your lunch. 

 5. Remember to add texture. We need something to crunch to feel satisfied. With soup – add breakdsticks for example. Soft with crunchy, sweet with sour, salty with sweet will keep your palate alive.

 6. Keep some little sides in the fridge at work. Maybe some capers, chilies or pickles. Check out the various packets at the market.

 7. Add condiments like relish, chutney or a sauce. There are many to choose from and not all need to be kept in the fridge.

 8. Add some zing to your cold drink like sparkling water, fresh fruit juice or even a signature mocktail for your lunch. 

 9. Have a small treat to finish. Maybe some dark chocolate or a petit four.

10. Use your own coffee cup -one that is special to you and perhaps holds a cherished memory.

These little touches help to remind us of who we are, while we are away at work.

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