How to let more light in - a cool coaching tool

This morning I awoke late. It’s the weekend and for once, I managed to sleep in longer than my usual work day routine.

When my eyes finally opened and I felt it was time to stir, there was sunshine streaming through the gaps around the window curtains. “Oh! It’s summer!” my mind said.  It’s usually only in summer than I’m in bed when the sun comes up.

Alas, it isn’t summer and the full strength of winter is still a month or two away. Not something I’m looking forward to as I’m a summer person.

If I search deeply, I can find the essence of summer’s past still resting in me. The feeling of enthusiasm for a day of warm weather activities. To go out of the house, rest in the shade with a warm breeze, getting tanned limbs just from living life, eating food that is cooling and delicious.

I’ve decided, even though it is the beginning of winter, it can be summertime in my heart. I can draw on those memories of good times and feel them again. I can create enthusiasm for this day believing it is full of summertime possibilities, lounging with a book, sipping coffee at a pretty café and eating food that is delicious even with winter flavors.

Regardless of our season in life, we can choose how we interpret the conditions around us. Many times, it’s possible to put a positive spin on it. (And yes, I’m aware there are exceptions to this ideal.) A slight adjustment in mindset can create an attitude of hope, happiness and gratitude for what we’ve experienced and what we have to look forward to.

Today’s reality may actually be the manifestation of a day which we once dreamed of having. We tire of things so quickly.

Our brains are wired for expansion and delighted with what’s new. Despite how we dislike change at times, there is something that comes alive within us when we experience new food, new people and new experiences. 


There is a tool used in coaching which allows our minds to put aside mild anxiousness while we focus on something else. I’ll explain.

Think of something that is playing at the back of your mind, something unresolved and is costing you energy. It may be something that recently happened and you are thinking about how it could have been different. Perhaps it was a conversation that is playing over in your mind. Whatever it is, think about it now and think of how it feels when you consider it.

Now say, “I’m putting this aside.” Imagine you are taking it out of your immediate area, and placing it down somewhere outside from you. Tell yourself, “I’m putting this aside.”

Now look at the next item at the back of your mind and repeat the process. Put it aside also. Then look for another thing that is weighing on your thoughts. You may have several things or you may have only a few.

Once they are all put aside, look for something that you do enjoy thinking about, and focus upon that, just for a few moments. Remember a happy experience, or anticipate something wonderful you have planned. Imagine a dream you have cherished, becoming a reality. Think of how that will feel. 

Nature hates a void and if you don’t choose to fill your clean empty space with happy thoughts, you will find the old ones coming straight back in. So, put aside those pesky little thoughts that rob your peace of mind and let the light in on a wonderful thought.

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