How to create your own dress theme

Most of dress with a mixture of tops, bottoms and jackets. They are usually a combination of various colors and patterns that go together well.

Another way to dress is to create a theme style.

Fashion designers will often create a theme around a certain color, design, texture or concept.

You will notice that stars and celebrities will often have a certain look, a distinct style of dressing that is unique to them. They have created their own personal theme.

It is interesting to observe people in a busy setting where you see hundreds walk by. Take notice of how most of us look much the same. What we wear is instantly forgettable.

Then your eye will catch someone who stands out a little. It may be a man or woman. There is something about the way they walk, they way they hold themselves. They show confidence in their posture. You can see that they have dressed consciously, as each item adds to the whole picture. They have made an extra effort in their appearance and it shows.


  • It’s fun
  • You can create looks that will be timeless and not whimsical fads of fashion
  • You can choose pieces that suit your coloring and body shape
  • It’s unique to you
  • You can put together an elegant look

It’s up to you to find the dress themes that appeal to you and further to define them to best suit your body shape and coloring. Have fun with this.

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