The Sassy Woman’s Guide to Freedom on the Road

A practical guide, along with inspiration for women (and men) who may be considering buying a vehicle to live in while taking long or short road trips, specifically in New Zealand. Written by a single woman who was told that it wasn’t proper or safe to do such a thing and who is now loving the adventure and sense of freedom.

The photos, holiday parks and facilities are all in New Zealand, although many details will apply in Australia and other countries.

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Gardening with White Flowers: How to Create Stunning and Magical Gardens of Light

White flower gardens bring light, lift the spirit, look elegant and impress all who see them. They’re also romantic and in the night light, are called Moon Gardens and are truly Gardens of Light.

Whether you only want a small display of white, a border or you want to create an entirely new landscape of only white flowers and foliage, this book will help you choose the right plants and ensure they will grow well. 

Making a white can be simple to create. White is the new black in this book. Turn your garden from average to great by learning to create a garden plan. This book is filled with landscaping and growing tips to ensure a healthy, interesting and stunning garden for years to come.

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Your Inner Fox – Unleashing the Elegance Within

The story of Coralie is based on a real-life friend. She is the epitome of elegance, a foxy lady with style. Your Inner Fox takes lessons from Coralie, a true fox and shows how to find your X factor and create an elegant style that is entirely authentic to you. Reading this will help you to find courage to live with elegance in a way that is unique to you.

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The Simple Pleasures of Life – Finding and Creating Joy in all Aspects of your Life

Coralie is the total package of elegance and charm, mixed with true grit. 

As Coralie embraces her femininity, she shows us how to make connections and find the simple pleasures in life. She is a self-made woman living a self-made life. Her life is a result of purposefully creating a life she wants to live and shows us her simple yet profound strategies for achieving this.

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A New Life in 7 Steps – Now is the time – A step by step guide

A New Life is often the change we are looking for. Sometimes the choice is forced upon us. It can be an opportunity to evaluate what we want our lives to become and how we want to live day to day. Starting afresh can help us find ways to increase our happiness and excitement, to remember what it is like to feel happy and to find new ways to have life under control. We can set new boundaries and learn to treat ourselves with extreme self-care. A step by step guide toward your new life starts today.

This book addresses seven major steps that will take you down the path of transformation. It’s time to shed the odd layer and spread your wings.

It can be hard to know where to start. Especially if you have faced a major change in your life, or if you are bored and restless. Creating a new life requires new thinking strategies. It also requires making new plans and a clear view of where you are headed.

Transformation requires a new level of self-care. To require more of our selves without being well cared for, is like a vehicle running on an empty gas tank. We need to refuel from within before we can give out.

In this book you will find a plethora of strategies and inspiration to move you forward to the new life you desire.

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